Everyone can benefit from being involved in a small group community. Friendships are one of these key benefits. Christian friends can be the most valuable friends we can have in life. David helps you build Christian friendships and much more through our Sunday School Ministry. Each week we study the Bible with others in similar life stages to discover applicable truths for life.

College and Young Singles

David Singles is just the place for young single adults who have a heart for Christ and each other. The Single Adult Ministry Sunday School class meets at 11 am in first floor of the Sanctuary Building.


Sunday School:

Significance and purpose are discovered, developed, and strengthened in community.  The best way to develop community is through meaningful relationships.  David Adult Ministries help you build those relationships with God and others.  Gathering weekly, studying the Bible and sharing with others will ensure that you get connected and grow as a Christ follower.

Whether you are beginning a new marriage, having your first child, raising children in the home, facing an empty nest, or caring for elderly parents, we know that life is constantly changing.  In the change, God provides opportunities for growth personally and spiritually.  He gives us the ability to get to know Him better.  David’s Adult Ministry brings people from all life stages to share together, support each other, and grow on mission for God.

We look forward to meeting you and sharing in life’s journey together.  The best way to get connected is to visit a Sunday morning Sunday School class designed just for you. There are multiple classes offered at both Sunday school hours.

Sunday Nights

Discipleship Training –

For men and women of all ages, this class usually does a book study relating to becoming who we need to be in Christ. This class meets at 6 pm.

Other Studies

Occasionally, there are additional studies, or new member classes that also meet, either meeting at the church or other local establishment.  Currently, our pastor is teaching on Tuesday nights with a casual gathering for men at a local coffee shop.  Please contact our church office for more details.

Sunday Evening Worship -

On Sunday nights throughout the year, our pastor teaches on topics that he may have touched on in his Sunday morning sermon or brings us deeper into other passages of scripture. At 7 pm, you can attend this session in the Sanctuary Building and be able to ask questions and learn more about God’s Word.

Wednesday Nights

At 7 pm, adults of all ages meet in the sanctuary for a time of prayer and Bible study led by our Pastor.

On the second Wednesday of each month, women meet at 6:30 pm to learn specifically about how they can reach people for Jesus Christ through missions and to pray for missionaries around the world.  


The name of the Senior Citizens Group is actually and anagram that proves that as we get older we may actually get our priorities in the right order!

J = Jesus, O = Others, Y = You

The JOY Seniors are an active group, not only because they enjoy being together, but also because God has given them a love for other people as well. They enjoy visiting others and helping where they can. It may be visiting someone who cannot come to church or helping make a quit to raffle as a fundraiser for a needy cause. Several of our Seniors volunteer through other avenues besides David Baptist Church, such as the Greater Cleveland County Baptist Association and local hospitals.

They enjoy their time of fellowship with each other as well, usually trying out a new restaurant or enjoying an old favorite together, on the second Wednesday of each month at 11 am. Finding new places to visit is a lot of fun, too, as they may travel to Charleston or Myrtle Beach, or go on a train ride through the Smokies, or perhaps take a mystery tour.