Sunday School – 9:45 am


One of the most difficult parts of being a new parent is leaving your child while you go to a class for Bible Study. Our Nursery helps make this transition easier both for the parents and the babies.  Sunday School teachers are available both hours for those ages 2 and under.

The nursery is stocked with plenty of toys for games of “pretend,” cribs for sleeping, diapers for changing, and snacks just in case they can’t wait until lunch. There is also a see-through window, allowing parents to check on their child between services without upsetting them.

The nursery is the first room as you enter the Sanctuary Building from the east side
entrance at the parking lot with the big oak tree.

Preschool Sunday School

Middle Preschool (Ages 2-3) –  Fellowship Building

Older Preschool (Ages 3- 5K) – Fellowship Building

Elementary Sunday School

Younger Children (Grades 1-2) – 2nd floor Sanctuary Building

Middle Children (Grades 3-4) – 2nd floor Sanctuary Building

Older Children (Grades 5-6) – 2nd floor Sanctuary Building






WOW Kids!

Summer Games Sunday Nights 6-7 pm

Fall Schedule - Sunday Nights, 6-8 pm

Squires – Ages 3 & 4

The Squires are involved in Scripture memorization and basic Bible truths preschoolers can understand through hands-on learning. It assists and encourages parents to actively participate in their child’s spiritual development. Squires receive awards for Scripture memorization, a Scripture arrow imprinted with each verse memorized, which is kept in their own quiver and taken home after the end of the year Awards Ceremony.

Ninjas – Grades 5K-3rd

The Scripture memorization continues with the Ninja group, but emphasis is also placed on getting an overview of the Bible so kids will begin falling in love with God’s Word!  We want them to begin reading the Bible for themselves! They will be memorizing Books of the Bible, playing games to help memorize Scripture, and learning how to find and look up Scripture.  They will be actively involved as they discover some of the most amazing Bible stories and lessons from God’s Word so they will be inspired to study God’s Word for themselves. The Ninjas receive awards which are attached to belts and presented to them at the Awards Ceremonies and taken home at the end of the year.  They are given awards for Scripture memorization and Fruit of the Spirit demonstrated.

Knights – Grades 3rd-6th

The Knights group builds upon the foundations of Squires and Ninjas by continuing Scripture memorization, memorizing books of the Bible, and learning about telling others about Jesus. Each week Knights are challenged to do their best with games and discussions about the Scriptures they are memorizing and how these Scriptures apply to their lives.  The Knights also receive awards for Scripture memorization and Fruit of the Spirit demonstrated.  The awards are attached to a belt presented to them at the Awards Ceremonies and taken home at the end of the year.


Wednesday Nights – 7 pm

Mission Friends – ages 2-5

Even as young as two years old, a child can learn to help someone else. Activities may include making age-appropriate crafts to take to someone homebound or a story about a missionary.

Meets in the Fellowship Building.

GAs – Girls in Action – Girls, Grades 1 – 6

The GAs are actually made up of two groups, the younger GAs and the older GAs. Each group actively studies missions around the world, each month focusing on a different country and culture. The older GAs sometimes take part in a deeper study, giving them a chance for discussion and further learning. They are often involved in local mission activities, such as collecting toys for the Associational Toy Store or supporting the Angel Tree.

Meets on the 2nd Floor of the Sanctuary Building.

RAs – Royal Ambassadors – Boys, Grades 1 – 6

The RAs study missions at home and around the world, but they are also an active group. They may be collecting bags of food to go to the Association Food Closet or toys for the Association Toy Store. You may also find they learn how to build things, for the young lad building a birdhouse today for someone who is homebound may be the young man helping to build a handicap ramp or shelter for someone in the future.

Meets in the Fellowship Building.